Consistently on the list! Palladium was selected into multiple subdivisions of CCSIP 2023 China Cyber Security Industry Panorama Book (6th Edition)!
Release time: 2024.01.29 | Source: Palladium

Recently, FreeBuf Consulting officially released the "CCSIP 2023 China Cybersecurity Industry Panorama (Sixth Edition)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Panorama Book").


Over the past 19 years, Palladium has been deeply rooted in the network security industry, serving a total of 5,000+ top customers in various industries, accumulating rich practical experience in network security and strong solution capabilities, and has won many recognitions in the industry. In this selection, with its forward-looking security vision, cutting-edge product technology and comprehensive professional security services, Palladium was successfully selected into a number of security subdivisions such as zero trust, database security, SIEM, MFA, security consulting and training and education.

 zero trust

database security



security consulting and training and education

Referring to various awards in the field of network security at home and abroad, Gartner Magic Quadrant and authoritative reports issued by professional institutions, this panorama book is composed of a professional review team composed of FreeBuf consultants, market analysts, and security think tank experts to classify and review security vendors, and finally display 108 subdivisions, striving to classify the mainstream network security vendors in the market based on the main product types, and provide reference for enterprise security construction and product selection.


In the future, Palladium will keep up with the development trend of the industry, continue to focus on research and breakthroughs in the field of network security segments, and continue to increase technology research and development and product innovation, so as to provide the best products and services for enterprises in all walks of life.

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