SMS(Operations and Maintenance Safety Management Audit System)
Product Overview
Palladium operation and maintenance security audit  combines the requirements of ITIL, ITSM, it internal control, SOX act \ COBIT regulations, information security level protection and it operation and maintenance management, integrates the characteristics of operation and maintenance management and operation and maintenance security, and cuts off the terminal's direct access to servers, database systems and network resources, Proxy forwarding is adopted to take over the terminal's direct access to network resources, and centrally realize user identity authentication, authorization management, access control and operation audit.
Deployment mode
Comprehensive single sign on
Support account and password filling of various operation and maintenance agreements and tools to realize single sign on. In addition to supporting conventional graphics terminal protocol, character terminal protocol, file transfer protocol, web application and KVM, it can also support various database operation and maintenance tools and various other application tools.

Multifactor identification
In addition to the conventional authentication interfaces (radius authentication, ad domain, LDAP authentication, digital certificate authentication, fingerprint authentication and dynamic token authentication), the system has built-in authentication modules such as dynamic token card, USBKEY, mobile phone dynamic password and SMS cat, and supports any combination of multiple authentication methods.

Reliable data synchronization
The system supports dual machine hot standby, cluster and hierarchical deployment modes, ensures the reliability and timeliness of data synchronization under dual machine hot standby, cluster and distributed deployment modes, realizes real-time synchronization of configuration information and audit log, and effectively solves the problem of big data synchronization.

Seamless application publishing technology
Fully support the seamless application release function of remote app to greatly improve the user experience. All application publishing can be displayed locally, and seamless application publishing technology enables users to access programs remotely through remote desktop services.

Mobile platform access technology
Independently developed the mobile app program, and the app software has been released on the app store and Android platform. By installing app software on the mobile terminal, the unified mobile operation and maintenance of Linux assets, windows assets, databases and other application assets can be realized, and the unified security management of identity authentication, authority control, account management and behavior audit can be carried out.
Customer Benefits
Standardize operation and maintenance system
Establish a unified operation and maintenance access management and resource control platform, unified access entrance, centralized authority control, and realize centralized and standardized management of operation and maintenance operations. The platform can uniformly manage access maintenance in different systems, account management, identity authentication and authorization. Based on the user's authority, the platform can carry out unified network layer and application layer access control to improve the system security. Reduce the work pressure of administrators, improve work efficiency and ensure the smooth implementation of management system.

Meet compliance requirements
Meet the compliance audit requirements of it internal control, Sox, COBIT and other laws and regulations. Provide the supervision department with the audit report of operation and maintenance management and the original and accurate operation and maintenance log. It helps to improve the organization's it internal control and audit system, so that the organization can successfully pass the IT audit.

Fast tracing
The technology of Fortress host is adopted to avoid the direct connection of illegal terminals and unsafe terminals to core resources, and reduce the impact of Trojans, spies and internal security threats on core resources. Standardized management of on-site construction of third-party maintenance agents and system integrators to prevent external risks. In case of safety accidents, responsibility identification and safety event tracking can be carried out quickly and accurately through playback of operation records.
Classic case
  • East China Normal University
  • Hundsun Technologies Inc
  • Hefei Minmetals mining Holding Co., Ltd
  • Hangzhou miqu Network Technology Co., Ltd
  • National Natural Science Foundation
  • National Energy Group
  • Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences
  • GAC motor
  • Guangming net
  • Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University Xiamen hospital
  • People's Bank of China
  • People's Insurance Company of China
  • Huazhong University of science and technology
  • Zhejiang Radio and Television New Blue Network
  • China Resources Group Co., Ltd
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