New on the list! Palladium has been shortlisted for the 2023 China Cyber Security Industry Potential Energy List!
Release time: 2024.01.11 | Source: pldsec

Recently, the Roar Security Industry Research Institute released the "Roar 2023 China Cyber Security Industry Potential Energy List" (hereinafter referred to as the Potential Energy List).

With years of experience in the financial industry, Palladium has successfully launched several classic solutions with industry characteristics, which have been well received by customers. In this highly competitive selection, with its strong technical strength and a large number of successful cases in the financial industry, Palladium was awarded the "specialized" security vendor in the financial industry on the potential energy list.

The "Roar 2023 China Cybersecurity Industry Potential Energy List" aims to deeply study and look forward to the development trend of China's cybersecurity industry, and empower leading manufacturers in the field of cyber security to assume the industrial responsibility of independent innovation and taking advantage of the momentum. To this end, the Roar Security Industry Research Institute has spent several months conducting in-depth research and analysis, and extensively soliciting opinions from all parties to ensure that the "Roar 2023 China Network Security Industry Potential Energy List" objectively presents the changes in the industry.

Palladium's Featured Solutions for the Financial Industry

A database security solution based on zero trust architecture

Based on the zero-trust architecture, the Palladium Financial Industry Database Security Solution provides compliance management and effective control of centralized management and secure access to O&M work, and solves the database security risks that are common in the financial industry at this stage.

A holistic solution for secure security management of privileged identity access

The Palladium Financial Industry Privileged Identity Access Security Management Solution is a comprehensive solution designed for managing access credentials of privileged accounts based on the zero-trust security architecture, with the password security issuance ecology as the core, the privileged identity access session control as the starting point.

This time, Palladium was awarded the "specialized" security enterprise in the financial industry on the potential energy list, demonstrating Palladium's excellent technical strength and solution capabilities. Over the past 18 years, Palladium has created professional and customized security practice solutions in line with the cybersecurity scenarios of the financial industry, providing important assistance for the continuous improvement of digital intelligence business security and efficiency of customers in the financial industry, and has successfully empowered the digital transformation of hundreds of financial customers such as banks, securities, insurance, funds, and futures.

In the future, Palladium will keep up with the development trend of the industry, continuously increase technology research and development and product innovation, improve service levels, provide users with better and more comprehensive network security products and services, and escort the high-quality development of the digital economy.

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