NGWAF(Next generation web application firewall)
Product Overview

Palladium's next generation web application firewall (ngwaf) is a security product that protects web applications by implementing a series of security policies for HTTP / HTTPS. As the most important part of the web defense system of most Internet companies, it plays a role in resisting common attacks such as SQL injection, XSS, remote command execution, directory traversal and so on.

Deployment mode

transparent bridge

Support 100% blocking

High performance, low latency

Fail auto bypass

Reverse proxy

Support 100% blocking

Do not change network topology

Support load balancing

Fine grained and efficient rule protection

Ngwaf identifies and defends various known attacks through the rule base, and meets the common security risks and pain points of business systems, so as to realize high-fine-grained and efficient rule protection.

The rule base includes:

SQL injection attack, XSS attack, CSRF Cross Site Request Forgery;

HTTP header injection attack, directory traversal attack, remote file inclusion attack;

Brute force attack, web crawler, web Trojan horse attack;

DDoS attack, session hijacking, session fixation;

LDAP injection, PHP mail injection, HTTP parameter pollution vulnerability;

Web sensitive information disclosure vulnerability, HTTP response header splitting attack;

X-forwarded-for header forgery and file upload attack;

The authentication function is missing, the static file is not detected by WAF, and the request method / request parameters are limited;

It also supports configurable rules (request method limit, HTTP protocol limit, illegal request header detection, upload file size limit, request parameter limit) and custom rule library.

Automatic dynamic modeling
The Web Application Firewall Based on the rule feature base can solve a large number of web application risks, but due to the unique "delay" of the rule base, it can only solve the known security risks and is powerless to defend against 0day vulnerabilities and new attacks. In addition, there will be some errors in the accuracy of the conventional feature library model, because it does not know the user's business logic. The unique application dynamic modeling technology of ngwaf can fully understand the user's business behavior and fully display the user's business logic through automatic learning of the application, so as to completely solve the above problems. Automatic modeling is not limited to the following contents: access URL, application system path, HTTP request parameters, number, type, name, value range, etc. Through the modeling results, the white list defense model can effectively solve various 0day vulnerabilities, new business attacks and unauthorized operations.
Customer Benefits

Minimize the security risk of web application;

Effectively block hacker attacks and improve their team's security defense ability;

Meet the compliance requirements and promote the enterprise to pass the compliance review smoothly.

Classic case
  • Shaanxi Heavy-duty Motor Company Limited
  • PICC Financial Services Limited
  • The Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University
  • Langji Group Co., Ltd
  • Jianghan University
  • MCC heavy industry
  • Xi'an Foreign Studies University
  • Shanghai three zero guards
  • Founder futures
  • Security insurance group
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