iLOG(log security analysis system)
Product Overview
Palladium log security analysis system (hereinafter referred to as "ILOG") is a new generation of log collection and analysis product based on big data technology developed by Palladium Technology Co., Ltd. ILOG is a log processing platform that can centrally collect, manage and analyze all kinds of log information. It can centrally collect massive log data of the whole network, and realize centralized log management, real-time monitoring, alarm analysis, fast retrieval, etc. ILOG can not only meet the compliance inspection of relevant laws and regulations and industry standards, but also effectively carry out unified security management and in-depth analysis of the generated massive logs.
Deployment mode
Centralized management of massive logs

By deploying Palladium ILOG, we can automatically collect and store massive data, realize the collection and unified management of massive log data in the network environment of the whole network, eliminate the risk that local log storage may be tampered with and deleted, reduce the management cost of decentralized log storage, and improve the reliability of log management.

High speed retrieval of big data technology

ILOG uses the high-speed retrieval engine based on big data application independently developed by Palladium to structure unstructured log data by matching regular expressions and extracting keywords, which not only ensures that each query is calculated in real time, but also can realize response within seconds, so as to realize rapid retrieval and accurate matching of massive logs.

Meet enterprise compliance requirements

In order to strengthen the construction of network security system, the competent national departments have successively introduced laws and regulations such as hierarchical protection, hierarchical protection and network security law. These laws and regulations directly or indirectly point out that log audit should be taken as the basic technical means of information system audit. Palladium ILOG can provide technical support for users to carry out compliance construction and provide strong evidence for enterprise compliance.

Visual log analysis

Palladium ILOG can generate rich reports based on the statistical analysis of log data to realize the visualization of analysis results. Palladium ILOG provides various forms of tables and graphics (line chart and area statistical chart), which reduces the difficulty of log analysis by managers.

High scalability

Palladium ILOG supports single point deployment and cluster deployment. It can expand resources according to the actual needs of customers and reduce unnecessary waste of resources.

Customer Benefits

Monitor the status of servers and applications in real time, quickly locate the root cause of problems and find performance bottlenecks in time.
Conduct correlation analysis on user business logs to accurately depict the consumer portrait and provide direction for business development.
Conduct correlation analysis on the security device log to accurately track the attacker's attack path, which provides convenience for security analysts.
Record and track the network operation status, provide technical support for users to carry out compliance construction, and provide strong evidence for enterprise compliance.

Classic case
  • Three Gorges Metropolis Daily
  • China 22nd Metallurgical Institute
  • Wuhan children's Hospital
  • Wuhan eighth hospital
  • Three Gorges Finance Co., Ltd
  • Datang Power Generation
  • GAC General Motors Co., Ltd
  • Tianhong fund
  • MCC heavy industry
  • Wuhan Betta network technology
  • Hang Seng electron
  • Baosteel Group
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