Product Overview

Palladium database monitoring and audit system collects, analyzes and identifies the data flow accessing the database through bypass listening, monitors the operation status of the database in real time, completely records the behavior of accessing the database, alerts the abnormal access of the database in various ways, and finally provides customers with multi-dimensional audit reports.

Deployment mode

The bypass of Palladium database monitoring and audit system is deployed on the switch. The switch is configured to mirror the data to the data acquisition port of the database audit system, and the bypass listening method is used to collect, analyze and identify the data flow accessing the database. Simple deployment, convenient management, no need for any plug-in or sniffer, and no change in network topology.

Audit integrity

The most advanced network data audit technology - stream technology is adopted to save the "context" related environment in the "stream life cycle", so as to realize the protocol analysis of mainstream databases and completely reproduce the session process of database operation.

Fine grained flexible strategy

It can provide perfect violation real-time policy alarm. The alarm information includes: database operation source IP address, database server IP / port, database type, database name, database login user name, database operation source program name, database operation source terminal name, database operation source terminal user name, SQL operation statement (DDL, DML, DCL) Stored procedure, advanced permission operation, database table group (table, field, value), database schema, operation execution time, operation return entry size.

It can provide database SQL statement execution time policy alarm, database DML, DDL and other operations affecting the number of rows policy alarm, and database select SQL operation statement returning the number of rows policy alarm.

According to the set database strategy, packet capture analysis can be carried out for the operation behavior of key resources to restore the real database interaction behavior.

Behavior monitoring and positioning
It can monitor the network traffic, data packets, burst links, number of concurrent connections, number of SQL statements and other indicators of the database in real time, and provide waveform display. There is no need to install the engine on the database server for real-time database monitoring, which has no impact on the database server.
Customer Benefits

Meet compliance requirements

Providing independent audit solutions for user core systems helps to improve the organization's it internal control management system, so as to meet the compliance requirements of various regulations and standards, and enable the organization to successfully pass relevant it reviews.

Reduce security threats

The database monitoring and audit system can strengthen the audit of data security of key business systems, so as to effectively reduce or avoid the damage to core information assets and data leakage, and reduce the threat to asset and business security.

Easy to trace

The Department in charge of operation and maintenance in a unit usually has the highest authority of the database management system (master the password of DBA account), so it also bears a high risk (misoperation or malicious destruction of individual personnel). This system can help enterprises trace the cause and define the responsibility afterwards.

Classic case
  • Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology
  • Suzhou University
  • Suqiao biology Suzhou Co., Ltd
  • Sichuan hezong pharmaceutical Tesco Co., Ltd
  • Capital Online Technology Co., Ltd
  • State Grid
  • China Nuclear Industry Ersi Construction Co., Ltd
  • China Shipbuilding Industry
  • Youda Optoelectronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd
  • Shanghai eye disease prevention and treatment center
  • Xi'an Foreign Studies University
  • GF Futures
  • GAC passenger cars
  • Zhejiang Chouzhou commercial bank
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