Consecutive on the list! Palladium was shortlisted for many subdivisions of the "Roar 2023 Cybersecurity Industry Map"!
Release time: 2023.07.11 | Source: Palladium

On July 10, the Roar Security Industry Research Institute and the National Cyber Security Industrial Park (Tongzhou Park) officially released the "Roar 2023 Network Security Industry Map" (hereinafter referred to as the "Atlas").

The "Roar 2023 Cybersecurity Industry Atlas" adopts a comprehensive analysis of market research, data analysis, literature research and policy reference, reflecting the market scale of the cybersecurity industry, reflecting the key development direction of industrialization, showing the market share of each segment in the entire cybersecurity industry, and revealing the market potential and development trend of the industry's hot segments.

Details of the areas in which Palladium is on the list
With 18 years of deep cultivation in the network security industry, Palladium has accumulated rich practical experience in network security and strong solution capabilities, and finally with excellent technical strength, forward-looking industry insight and far-reaching market influence, it has successfully listed many key security segments such as Bastionhost, Zero Trust, Privileged Account Management, Identity Access Management, Password Management System, Database Security, Next-Generation Firewall, and Data Security Compliance Audit. 


Zero Trust

Privileged account management

Identity access management

Password management system

Database security

Next-generation firewalls

Data security compliance audit


Palladiums has repeatedly roared the cybersecurity industry map, and its proportion in the map has steadily increased, which fully reflects Palladium's strong strength to keep pace with the times. In the future, Palladiums will closely follow the development trend of the industry, continue to focus on research and breakthroughs in the field of network security, and provide the best products and services for enterprises from all walks of life.
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